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Tips to get a beautiful brown and bronzy look

Have you always been Crazy about how to get a beautiful, warm, brown and bronzy look. Well, here is it. There are not too many elements. It is very simple and something that you can replicate.

As part of the brown and bronzy look, we will have Eye Makeup, we will apply bronzer on the cheeks and we will be applying warm brown lip colour.

Do your base first. Apply foundation, concealer on the spots and do basic contouring. Use a light colour and transition it on the crease line. It is very important to give transition of colours on the crease. This is what that brings dimensions to eye in Eye Makeup. Then, make it intense by taking some deep browns. Next, increase the depth of it. Here we are not doing transitions with multiple colours. Using pointed blending brush, we are going to apply browns with some more depth. Always tap off the excess from the brush. From the outer corner, just blend it towards the lid. We have to bring transition by blending it. So with the flat brush and take deeper colour and increase the depth in the outer corner again. Don't bring black on the crease line. It is a little tricky.

Next is a very tricky but a very very pretty element in this look. It is a Shimmery gold element. For that, take a flat brush first, spray a bit of setting spray and take some bronzy gold colour, not yellow gold. Applying it on the front part. Along with this you can use eyeliner also. Repeat it to the other eye also.

Now, bring some surprise element, that is applying some glitter. Apply a little bit of glitter on where you have put bronze. You can apply gold glitter but be careful that it is cosmetic friendly. Don't apply ordinary chunky glitter. It is very important.

Moving on, draw the eyeliner and do the concealer routine under the eyes. You can darken the eyebrows. Draw the kajal below the eyes. Then with a brush, take some brown and again as always tap off the excess. Smudge it under your eyes and smoke out and connect it on the angle. It is a very simple routine. Now it is a soft smokey look.

Along with this, you can put some Mascara, put false lashes. Apply some Bronzer on your cheeks also. Then apply gold highlighter. It is very pretty because there is gold in the eyes. So taking some gold and just applying on the cheeks as well for that extra glowing element. Apply it lightly on the center of your nose, on your chin, cupid bow, the center of your forehead and a little bit if possible on your eyebrow bone as well. You can pop a little bit at the corner of your eyes as well. It will feel like opened eyes.

Next is the Lips. With a plum lipliners draw the lip. Apply a brown colour liquid lipstick. It will dry and become matt.

Everything has set. It is a beautiful look. You can apply this look on weddings, parties, functions. This browny warm colours will suit the Indian skin very much.It also suit for Multiple skin tone.

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