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Colouring your hair : Follow these 6 tips.

Everyone likes long hair. But everyone has questions and doubts about maintaining and colouring their hair. Of course, colouring means damaging your hair because it involves chemicals. Colours are harsh for the hair. So whatever colour you take, avoid bleaching.

Here are the 6 tips and tricks for those who colour their hair. 1) Dryness

Hair is going to be dry if we are colouring our hair. So use the shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask which should be for colour- treated hair only. Don't use the unnecessary products. It is always better to get the brands and products from a salon rather than a commercial place for colour- treated hair. Such products will help to repair the damage of follicle and cuticle. You must do a hair mask twice a week. At the time of your bath, after shampoo and conditioner, you must apply a hair mask and rinse it off after 15-20 minutes. 2) Avoid Hot Water

Stop washing your hair in very hot water. We have a habit of washing the hair every day. But there is no need to wash the treated hair every day. You only have to wash your treated hair once in every 2 to 3 days. Only when we change our habit you can maintain your hair correctly. 3) Hot oil massage

Oil can nourish the scalp. It is no use to apply on the tip of the hair because your hair grows from your scalp. There must be blood circulation in the scalp so a good finger massage will help. With light hot oil, you can use any oil, onion oil is very good or kachiya oil. Similarly, oils with vitamin E are very good. We have lots of oil like nigella (Karimjeerakam) seeds oil, Castor oil (Avannakanna) which are very good. Heat the oil lightly and apply it on the scalp. With your finger, massage to promote blood circulation to the scalp. It will help with hair growth and also avoid hair breakage. 4) Blond hair

Many like Blond hair and it is becoming a trend. Even if they are not doing full blond, there are highlights and balayage like ombre. Blond should not become brassy. Brassy means brass or copper tones which is not a pretty look. We call it brassy hair. To avoid this use the purple colour toner and wash your hair once in a month. Just like the conditioner, we can tone. Tone it and wash it off. Purple colour removes the brassy tones from the hair. It helps to maintain the hair in the correct blond. 5) Go to a Professional

Always go to a professional to colour your hair. Do not do it at home. If it is not done properly, your hair will break. So definitely go and meet a professional and take a consultation. After consultation select your suitable hair colour. Choose a hair colour that suits your skin tone. It doesn't suit you, it will give you a washout, that is, gives you a tired look. So definitely opt for a suitable colour according to your skin tone and personality under professional guidance. 6) Combing the Wet Hair

Combing the hair after a bath will break your hair. Don't ever do this. Before washing, with a wide-tooth comb gently untie your knots. After shampoo, apply the conditioner and with the wide-tooth comb distribute it evenly. After this, tie your hair for a few minutes and rinse it off. After rinsing, don't comb your hair harshly and break it. Likewise, other than ordinary combs there are combs called Tangle Teezer to buy. With this, remove your hair knots gently. These are the tips for which needs to be followed while colouring your hair.

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