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Makeup In Humid Weather

Everyone often asks this question. "How can I do my makeup in this hot weather." From makeup artist, beautician, ordinary kids, ladies, aged people, college going kids, working ladies, everyone asks the same question. " How am I going to put makeup in this hot weather. Isn't it very hot in Kerala? The peculiarity of this weather is humidity. We will sweat easily. So here’s what all we have to be careful when doing the makeup in humid weather.

Firstly, most of the people do their mistakes while applying the foundation. We don't have to put too much of foundation every day. When we go to daily work or college, we don't need too much of foundation. You need to stick with your right base. Base means your foundation should be of correct colour. Likewise, it should match with your skin type. We often say this, most people only consider their skin colour alone, and not the skin type. They also think applying foundation is to get fairer. No, when you apply foundation, it should be light sheer coverage and also light weight. If the foundation is heavy, apply it very lightly. Don't overdo it. Likewise, if you want to tone it down, take some foundation and mix it with some moisturizer making it light weight and then apply it. That is called tinted moisturizer. You can apply it as tinted moisturizer on your face. This is a very important tip for nailing makeup in humid weather. Don't apply heavily and also always make sure that foundation matches your skin colour.

Next thing is that don’t apply the foundation to get fairer. Don't overdo it. It should be natural. It is a very important aspect. If you are going for an event or function in humid weather, don't forget your Primer. If you are applying Primer and you have oily combination skin, make sure you use mattifying primer or a silicon based primer. Silicon based primers are only for those who have oily or combination skin. It will help you to last your makeup. Some people in humid weather, apply powder to the face. Be careful not to overdo the powder. If you use too much powder, it will give you a dullness on the face. Powder and sweat together can give a dullness. So always carry tissue papers with you. If you sweat, just tap it off. Don't wipe it. If you wipe with it, it will come off. You have to always ensure that you just have to take only your excess sweat off. In a humid weather, your best companion that you have to carry is nothing but bloating sheets. Bloating sheets are available in many brands. Bloating sheets are your best friend in hot humid weather. Bloating sheets are very thin sheets. In hot weather, our skin becomes oily quickly especially T zone areas and areas where oil productions are more. In that case, take the bloating sheets and just bloat it. Bloating sheets will absorb the excess oil and mattify it making it beautiful for a longer time.

Similarly, in humid weather before doing your makeup, don't forget to moisturize. Skin prepping is always very important even if it is hot weather and sweat. But avoid rich creams. Rich cream means creams with lot of oil in it. Don't use thick heavy creams. You can use oils. Oils means not coconut oil, olive oil with more consistency. There are lightweight oils, you call it as drying oils. If you use these oils, your skin gets hydrated, your skin will get prep and also it won't be greasy. That is very important. There is a fine balance between moisturizing your skin and making your skin look greasy. It should not look like fried tandoori chicken. First of all, skin increases its oil production in humid weather. Therefore, we should moisturize the skin without making it look greasy.

If you are doing makeup in humid weather, the very important thing you should do is, ensure you wear Matt Lipsticks. Matt Lipsticks would stay longer even if it is too hot. I have already told you the tips before using Matt Lipsticks. You should exfoliate the lips, use lip oils or lip balms to hydrate the lips. Only after these use Matt Lipsticks. Because there is no glowing aspect for Matt Lipsticks, no cream finishes. It will be like dry but there are comfortable matte and also rich matte. If you like comfortable matte, there are so many brands that do own crayons. Crayon finish is very good. They are matte but comfortable matte. So in humid weather, it will help your lips not to budge.

Next is an important tip for humid weather, for skin prepping, most people use this important ingredient. It has to be avoided. That is Astringent. We usually apply Astringent on our face when we go out. Especially one with pimples, people with oily skin or people with combination skin, all uses Astringent. We can avoid this Astringent. It is very important in skin prepping not to use Astringent. The problem with Astringent is that it is full of alcohol and so the skin will dry out further. I have said earlier that the products we are using should be alcohol free. When we use Astringent, the skin will become drier. Especially for people with oily skin, the oil production will increase. To compensate for the dryness, sebaceous glands which are producing the oil in our skin, will be active. It will start producing more oil. With the humidity, our skin will become more and more oily. So try and avoid Astringents. Use moisturizers that is lightweight and not too greasy. These are very important things. It is not like we should not do makeup in humid weather. But the technique is in how we are doing the makeup, what are the product we are choosing.

Use the product according to your skin type, avoid using heavy products because when we are using heavy products and if our skin becomes oily, it will be very heavy when it comes out. It would give a natural look and ace your base. We always used to say if your base is perfect, anything above that will be beautiful. You have to get the perfect shade, don't apply heavy foundations, use lightweight and if you found that the foundation that you have is heavy, mix it with a moisturizer. It should be lightweight moisturizer. It should not be rich moisturizer. Mix it with a light moisturizer and apply it. Likewise, another important tip is Eye Makeup. You don't need too much of Eye Makeup during humid weather. The reason is that our lids also become oily. If your kajal goes off quickly, use waterproof kajal. To remove anything, oil is the best. From the tear glands to the sweat, oil is there. So it will cause your kajal to budge and smudge.

These are little things that you have to be careful about. These are the things that can be done also. So definitely keep this in mind. Humid weather should not stop your Makeup routine. You have to ace your base. Do your makeup really well and enjoy your summer holidays with lot of makeup and enjoy your functions with lot of makeup. So we hope that these tips were helpful to you.

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