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Corona Virus Outbreak : Advisory For Makeup Artists

Today we are here with very important information for you. We all know there are many restrictions imposed in Kerala because of Coronavirus. We all have many restrictions, we can't go for social gatherings or go for any activities in public. Likewise, there are also many upcoming weddings.

There are some things in the Makeup field that we don't pay attention to. Whether it is a makeup artist or a beautician or even a customer, there are some things that we have to be careful about. Today we are here because in this scenario there are some health and safety measures, in terms of cleanliness.

We all are aware of washing our hands, sanitizing, sneezing and covering. We all have heard about this. Another thing is the upcoming wedding. As per government instructions, there should not be any big weddings. There is an announcement to make it very intimate. But everywhere we have to makeup the bride. We must have already selected our beautician or makeup artist for the bride. So there are some important things that we have to be careful about whether you are a customer, or a bride, or a makeup artist, whoever it may be. Always make sure especially in this scenario, your hands must be clean.

First thing is to sanitize your hands. Clean your hands very well. We have noticed in many places not just because of coronavirus, the mistake everyone makes is double-dipping and cross-contamination with products. That means if it is a lipstick or a lipliner, we apply it as it is. We don't clean them or sharpen them or nothing. Likewise, if it is a liquid eyeliner or Mascara or foundation, we apply as it is. Nobody cares about cleanliness. In these Coronavirus times or otherwise, there mustn't be cross-contamination for used products. We have to be careful about that we should be calculative regarding the method we are using these products. If you are applying foundation or any products, being an artist, it is compulsory that you must carry a palette and a spatula. First of all, you must sanitize the palette with alcohol. Not only your hands but also your tools also must be sanitized. you must use clean brushes. Deep cleaned brushes must be used. Never use a brush that was used for someone else. You can deep clean the brush with baby shampoo and dry it. After that, you can buy from anywhere, 99 % pure alcohol. Using this, we must clean it thoroughly. Whether you are using spatula or palette, spay the alcohol and wipe it. Your hands must be clean and also your palettes. Never use things that were used for others. You must be very careful especially in this scenario. Take the products by scooping it and put it on the palette. Mix it and then use it for the client even if it is lipstick or any other products. You have powder products like blush, contour, highlighters. If you are using these, you must carry the 99% alcohol in a spray bottle. Use it only after spraying alcohol. You must spray it often. Whether it is your hands or palette or spatula or your eyeshadow, you must spray it with this 99% alcohol.

Some use 70% alcohol also but it will take some time to dry. If you have work only for the next day, you can use 70% alcohol or otherwise if you want to dry easily, try and use 90% alcohol. Next an important thing when you use pencils like lipliners, eyeliners is that when you use it for one client, sharpen it using a sharpener and then spray it with 90% alcohol. You should use it for another client only after that. If you are using lipsticks or lip gloss, take the product on the palette with the applicator and then only use it. Another important thing to be careful about is that never use liquid eyeliner for your clients. If you want to use the liquid eyeliners, take some on the palette and use it. If you have eyeliners of the sketch pen model, never use it for others when used once. You can give that to that person itself. Don’t use it on someone else.

If you have bullet lipsticks, like the traditional one, take a small quantity with the spatula and then use it. The next thing is Mascara. You can always buy disposable wands for mascara. You should use this for the clients. Never do double-dipping. That means when we use something once and then using it again. Never touch it on the skin for the second time. Never double-dip which causes mass contamination. Makeup does not mean applying makeup alone, the technique of applying is also important. The techniques should be correct. Another thing to be careful about is that, not only for makeup artists or beauticians. If you are going to a shop and testing some products. For example, you have to buy a lipstick or an eyeshadow or a foundation, never go and just apply that lipstick. That is really wrong. It is not hygienic. So you have to be careful, preferably avoid using lipsticks, especially in these times of coronavirus. Our recommendation is not to try the lipsticks. Even if you want to try, always carry alcohol with you. Spray it on it. Avoid lipsticks. If you want Blush or something, just spray alcohol. Otherwise, ask the staff over there to spray the alcohol. Then only try them. Try to avoid cross-contamination. That is the most important thing.

If you are a bride and if your wedding is this April or May, you have to be careful whether your beautician/ makeup artist is following this. If you are using lipstick or a lip gloss and if one is applying it by just dipping and applying, that is very unhygienic. Avoid that practice. These are the very important points that you have to be careful about. Avoid cross-contamination. Clean your brushes, clean your tools. Use disposable. We should not compromise your health. Not just because of this coronavirus, it's also because you must not have any kind of infectious bacterial spread and of course, in our nation's crucial critical time, as a consumer you must know all these things. People in this field, in this industry, should also be aware of this. Likewise, you should also wear a mask. Better to wear a surgical mask. These are many videos regarding masks in detail relating to Coronavirus. We should wear a mask covering the nose and downwards. Masks should also be disposable. Normally it should be disposed of after 6 hours. Use a new mask for the next day's work. Don't use the same mask. It is compulsory to wear a mask. There should not be droplet spread. Coronavirus spread through droplets. So it is very important when you are doing work for your clients.

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