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Graduation Ceremonies & Certification

Graduation Ceremonies

2022 Graduation Ceremony

Lord Waverley ( Member of British Parliament - House of Lords) attended Face Palette Graduation Ceremony at

Le Meridian in Kochi, where Face Palette Makeup Artistry Course students who achieved above 90℅ were awarded their graduation certificate and momento. Check out a few photos here

2021 Online Graduation Ceremony

In 2021, during the COVID times,  British MP from London, Hon Virendra Sharma MP, and Kerala MLA/ Former Health Minister K. K. Shailaja, Teacher, participated in our Online Graduation Ceremony of our makeup artistry course students. 

2019 Graduation Ceremony

Hon Bob Blackman, 3 times Member of British Parliament from London, attended Face Palette's Graduation Ceremony in 2019. Students received their certificates from Hon Bob Blackman MP. Check out few photos here



Our courses are certified and accredited by London based think tank, Europe India Centre for Business and Industry ( EICBI ) - Europe India Centre for Business and Industry is a London based think tank which has been playing a key role in promoting trade and relations between India and Europe. The organisation conducts number of activities including delegation visits, summits etc. EICBI has organised 24 major summits in UK Parliament (London) and European Parliament ( Brussels) over the course of this decade engaging number of stakeholders including government officials and Members of British Parliament and Members of European Parliament. The activities of EICBI have been hosted by British MPs and European MPs including Hon Virendra Sharma MP, Hon Caroline Nagtegaal MEP, Hon Bob Blackman MP and Hon Geoffrey Charles Van Orden MEP.