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All you need to know about Lipsticks | Lekshmi Menon FRSA

Many have questions on this, doubt on this and also is a very much liked category in makeup. That is Lipsticks. Everyone likes lipsticks. We have different types of lipsticks in the market. Some are crayons, some are bullet lipsticks and there are numerous others . So today we are going to tell you the types of lipsticks that are available. The cosmetic industry has developed very much in the last 5 years statistically. It has changed very much. There are many formulations, application methods and the brands have developed many types of cosmetics too. Lipstick is a fascinating topic for all. So today we are here with the topic of what all types of lipsticks are available in the market.

Bullet Lipsticks

Firstly, we are going to tell you about Bullet lipsticks. Bullet lipsticks are lipsticks with the traditional shape. This is traditional, comes in an ordinary category with standard lipstick form. We open it and twist to take the lipstick. It is in the shape of a bullet so we call it Bullet Lipstick. It is available in different finishes. It is in Matt, creamy, satin, lustre, amplified, frost. etc. This type of format lipstick is called Bullet lipstick. When we go out for purchase, we see a lot of these lipsticks. It has been in this form for many years, from the start of lipsticks. There is also a Bullet lipstick in a mini form. Small one. You can carry this small bullet lipstick in a handbag.

Liquid Lipsticks

Next one is the liquid lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks are trending for the last 5-6 years in lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks mean it will be in the liquid. In short, it will be in a paint form, liquidy paint form. How these lipsticks work is 5- 10 minutes after applying, it will set and become matte. It is highly pigmented and has a strong colour. Liquid lipsticks will look exactly like we have applied paint on lips. A lot of people prefer liquid lipsticks for Bridal Makeup. It was launched by 2 brands in the USA. After that rest of the brands incorporated with their own alterations. Liquid lipsticks are very much matte. Some brands are extremely matt but some are comfortable matt. They come in the tubes. The applicators will be Doe Foot Applicators, as we call in makeup artistry. For some brands, Doe Foot Applicators will be bigger and for some others, it will be small. This applicator will be having some cotton-like at its tip with a slate, it is called Doe Foot Applicator. After 5 minutes of applying, it will set and become matte. We have Liquid lipsticks in different variations, different colours in different brands.

Metallic Liquid Lipsticks

Next, we are going to study Metallic Liquid Lipsticks. Metallic Liquid Lipsticks are liquid lipsticks with a metallic finish and will be beautiful on brides. But it is not too shiny also. Metallic liquid lipstick comes again with a doe-foot applicator. If you look at it, it has a bronze sheen. When it is set, it will have a shiny or sheen. It will be matte, at the same time it will have golden, bronzy, copper, and burgundy colours.


Next is a comfortable lipstick form, which is Crayons. Crayons are available in a beautiful finish. We get them in Matt finish, comfortable satin finish and many more in different brands. We have many good crayons in India. In fact, we have many colour ranges, good for daily wear which is comfortable and highly pigmented. The only problem that we think is that it should be sharpened. When we sharpen it, the product we buy is wasted. There will be a lot of residues. That is only the drawback with it but it is a beautiful, comfortable formula in lipsticks.It is highly pigmented but absolutely gorgeous. But it is not transfer-proof, that is when we touch, it will come off. It is matte, comfortable matt but others won't come off when it has set. These are the different types of lipsticks available in the market. When you go to purchase next time, try to understand their formula and what finish it has. Then buy them according to your needs.

We do hope this blog on lipstick was helpful. Now go ahead, buy the right lipstick and show off your gorgeous lips.

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