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How to do an Eye Makeup routine with Khaki colours

In this blog, we are sharing ideas on doing a Eye Makeup routine with Khaki colours. Khaki is the colour that suits Indian skin because we Indians have a warm undertone which has an olive element. In the presence of this olive element, Olive green will suit us well as compared to cool undertone, that is fair skin tone. Olive green will suit better for medium to tan skin. In this blog, we share information on how to incorporate this colour in Eye Makeup.

Firstly, with a fluffy brush blend the eye lids with a light colour. Take the colour, tap off the excess, blend this light colour on the crease line as a wash of colour. Now increase the intensity. In our Eye Makeup, the transition from a dark colour to light colour should be there. It is very difficult as well as important too, then only the eyes will become beautiful. Next, building up the colours, take a darker colour, again blending it along the crease line. Brush should move like wind wiper and it is very important in Eye Makeup. Blending it on the other eye as well. Now, the intensity of the colour has increased. You should improve it further. It should be a little darker. There should be a transition from dark colour to the light colour. Make it bit more intense. Now take a deeper colour and build on it up further

Now, it will have a gradient effect. Gradiance is very important for Eye Makeup. So building up the intensity, you should bring it from light to dark as this transition is important. Replicate it on the other eye also. On the crease line, do the transition well with brown warm colours. Next routine is to bring the Khaki colours on the eyelid. Take a green colour eyeliner, as green colour is the basic undertone of the khaki colour. You can use any green eyeliner or if you want cream shadows, you can use them also. Placing it on the lid nicely. No need for applying it evenly. We are giving a cream base to stick on for eyeshadows. On this, we will be giving khaki colours. With a flat brush, take the khaki colour eyeshadows just placing on it. Due to the green base, it helps to pop khaki colour. We are placing Khaki colour with a flat brush. Next, take a small blending brush, that is thin, not fluffy, take some darker colour eyeshadow and increase the intensity. This is very important. You should place the khaki colour neatly and should give the transition on the crease. Replicate the same thing on the other eyes as well. The eye makeup has blended well on the lid. We can see khaki and warm colours nicely.

Fill your eyebrows normally, draw the eyeliner, below the eyes apply Kajal and just smoke it, also apply some blush and highlighters to bring the definition. Now, we are going to bring some surprise element to bring some pop to the eyes. What are we going to use? It is Glitters. So apply some glitter glue. to the center. Now you have a dramatic popping eye.

This eye makeup can be applied for parties, or for any function, mostly during nights or for receptions or get-togethers. It will be dramatic. One of the idea to carry this better, is to pair this with nude lipsticks because the attention should go to your eyes.

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