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Learn a Makeup Look - Soft Pink Look

As part of our "Learn a Makeup Look" series, this week Lekshmi Menon FRSA teaches a makeup with Pink which everyone likes. In this, there are not many elements but only 2 colours. We will be having a very soft muted pink lip. And pink on the cheeks as well.

Do your base as Lekshmi Menon has taught you in the previous tutorials. Incorporate the same. As always cleanse, tone, moisturize and apply your foundation, concealer and set it with powder. And also fill your eyebrows, which was taught before.

Now go to do the Eye Makeup. There are not many elements for our eyes other than to bring a pink element. Not very light pink but thinking of incorporating some dark pinks also. From the palette which has different shades of pink, take light lylak pinks and deep burgundy pinks and blend it nicely on the outer corner of the eyes. Blend it nicely, along the crease. Crease means the arch where there is the eye socket bone. Blend along the crease nicely with a blending brush. We are not bringing any dark elements. We will be using a light pink but it should be blended with a dark pink. Only then we get a dimension and can give justice to light pink. We will get no effect when we use only light pink. Repeat the same with the other eyes. So, colours are blended along the crease and outer corner of the eyes and just smoked. You can not only smoke with browns and blacks but with any colour. Smoke is the name for the effect. Taking a soft pink and applying it above the blended pinks. We should blend the light pink with the dark pink properly. Only then you get the effect. It should not feel like it has been painted, it should be blended nicely. Replicating the same with the other eye with soft pink.

After applying pinks, draw the eyeliner. Because it is a soft pink look, we have not drawn any wing. If you like you can draw your wings. Using pink glitter is optional. Be careful that you don't use glitters for art and craft. You can specifically buy cosmetics glitters, buy them and use. It's not suitable for small children. Those who are above 18 to 20 age can use it. It’s easy. Just apply the glitter where the pinks are there. It's very shiny but always use cosmetic glitters only. After that, apply some pink blush on the apples. Not light pinks, you can use plummy pinks. Those colours will suits our complexion well.

We have applied the pinks. And using highlighter just to get a glow. Take some highlighter and apply on the apples of your cheek and cheekbones. Only those who have narrowed face shape should apply to apples. For those who have round face don't apply highlighters on the apples because the focus will be on your cheek and cheek seems rounder.

After this, concentrate on the lips so as to give an ombre effect. Fill with deep purple and above that, give pink. Leave the center part and now take a light pink colour to just fill it. Apply the pink lipstick and let it dry.

Apply some mascara. It's easy to apply the mascara and also everyone knows how to apply it. You can wear a simple pink jewelry like an earring or just a simple deity chain.

That is all we needed for the soft pink look. Definitely try it out. There are not many elements. Glitter is optional. You can apply Glitter to bring some difference. Otherwise just use pink eyeshadow.

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