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Lekshmi Menon*EUDIA Makeup Brushes

Lekshmi Menon FRSA collaborated with EUDIA to introduce a 15-piece set of makeup brushes specifically designed for professional makeup artists who are beginners in the field
Makeup Brushes EUDIA Face Palette Makeup

Why buy EUDIA * Lekshmi Menon Makeup Brushes

  1. Brushes have been curated by Makeup Guru Lekshmi Menon FRSA

  2. Specially designed for aspiring makeup artists at the beginner level.

  3. Easy to wash, durable, and dust resistant, catering to various makeup needs.

  4. Master the art of makeup application with EUDIA brushes, and unleash your creativity like never before.

  5. Soft synthetic bristles that ensure long-lasting performance

EUDIA * Lekshmi Menon Makeup Brushes List - 15 Brushes kit

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