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How to do Di Tone Eye Makeup

In this blog, we are going to teach you an Eye Makeup. It's very simple but pay attention. We are not using too many colours. If you learn this Eye Makeup, you can use it on many occasions for day and night look. Name of this Eye Makeup is Di Tone Eye Makeup, which we teach during our professional makeup classes. In Di Tone Eye Makeup, we use two colours for Eye Makeup. For those who are familiar with Malayalam language, you can watch the video below.

With Foundation, Concealer and Powder set the base ready. You must have already done Eyebrows, basic contouring, blush, highlighter and also applied Lipstick. Next, we are going to show you how to incorporate a brown colour. First, what we are going to do is, with a blending brush, that is a pointed blending brush, taking a matte brown colour. Take the product and as always take a small quantity and tap off the excess. Looking at the mirror, apply it on the crease line. Next, with a fluffy blending brush without any product, blend it. We have to blend it like a car wiper blades. Blending has no limitation, you can blend as you like. Our Eye shadow should be always harmonious and should blend well. This is very important. It should be feathery. Next, taking some more eyeshadow that is the brown colour and apply it. Again, use the brush without the product and blend it. This is called creating dimension. So when we put a different colour on our eyelid, it gives a dimension. Eyeshadow should not look like we have painted it, instead it should be feathery. This wind wiper motion is very important because this motion helps the product to give a feathery look.

Makeup should be harmonious. We tell our students that makeup is just like ragas in music. There should be synchronization in all. That synchronization in makeup will be pleasing to the eyes. If we just paint some colours, it won't blend together as well as it won't be eye pleasing. Whatever may be the colour, it should be harmonious.

Take more brown eyeshadow, and apply it. Blend it with another brush. The crease line should be feathered. Next, apply the second colour. Here we are going to use a gold tone, not antique gold or yellow gold. According to your saree or outfit, you can use different colours. Today, we are going to use a champagne gold. It's the colour of champagne which has a less gold element. In Di tone, we incorporate two colours for our eye makeup. With a flat brush, taking champagne gold eyeshadow and placing it on the eyelid. Next, with the blending brush, taking the same brown colour, tap off the excess and apply it on the crease line, which will give you a definition. This is Di Tone Eye Makeup.

For Di Tone, you can use any colours according to your outfit. Along with this, draw your eyeliner to complete the look. You can draw a small winged or long winged eyeliner or just draw a thin line. It's your preference.

Next, with a kajal pencil, draw under the eyes. This step is optional. If you like, you can draw your kajal. It gives a good look. But don't just leave it. With brown eyeshadow, you have to blend it. Then only eye makeup makes the eye bigger. For that, take the same matte brown which was applied to the crease and blend it below your eyes. Do the same to other eyes also. Apply the mascara also and curl it on the eyelashes. Both on upper and lower lashes. This is a dramatic eye makeup. Not only to ethnic wear, but you can do this with western wear also. It's very simple. This can be done in three tones, quadtone, Penta tone, hex tone and goes on. The other tones are very difficult but the di tone is simple. Definitely try it out. Watch more of our video tutorials relating to makeup and beauty tips here

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