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Busting five Makeup Myths

In this blog, we are going to bust 5 common myths about makeup and provide you facts about them.

For those who are familiar with Malayalam language, they can watch the video here

Through this blog, we will be having many misunderstanding regarding Makeup. There are also some truths but there are also misunderstandings too. We are here to make you understand what all are truths and what all are misunderstandings in Makeup.

First myth which are going to bust is about Applying foundation

Most of us think that applying foundation is for whitening our skin. It is really a misunderstanding. The reason is that the purpose of foundation is not for whitening. The purpose of foundation is to even out our skintone, whatever our skintone is. So whatever be your foundation ensure that it is your skintone. Likewise the foundation should match our skin type. For that you should study formulations, which are taught to our students during our makeup classes. Otherwise your foundation, if you try to whiten your skin it won't work, it will become ashy. So Foundations are not for whitening your skin.

Second myth which are going to bust is about expiry of products.

A lot of the people think that they can use the product until it is finished. They will wait for many years and use up the entire products. Most of them don't know the fact that there is an expiry date for all cosmetic products. Either the expiry date will be on the outer packet or inner packaging, if you notice there will be a small cover like a lid. Even if it is opened or not opened, it will expire on a date which will be specified on the package. The products will get expired on that date even if you didn't use the product. If you open the package, we have to look for the date on the cover like a lid. So, there will be expiry for all products. You should be careful about that.

Third myth which are going to bust is about Red lipstick.

Many have misunderstood that Red colour won't suit them. It is truly a misunderstanding. Red lipstick will suit everyone but you have to be careful about which red to use. Many types of reds are there. There are pinky reds, blue-based reds, deep brown based reds, orange-based reds, many many types of reds are there. The trick is in the type of red you are using. Red lipstick will suit everyone, for any skin tone, for any skin type, for any face shape.

Fourth myth which are going to bust is about Mascara

Everyone loves Mascara as it gives a better look to the eyes and face. It is also very simple to use makeup products. But many will use Mascara until it is finished or dried up. It is a misunderstanding. The reason is that Mascara will get expired every 3 months. From the moment we open the package, after 3 months down the line the product will get expired. Don't use it until it is finished. Because it will cause the chances for eye infections. Likewise, many don't know that Mascaras and Eyeliners should not be shared. This is not known to many makeup artists, beauticians, professionals. They use the same wand for many. That is wrong. You are prone to eye infections. So what is to be done is, always use disposable wands. It is very very very important. Carry your own Mascara. If you are going to do a Professional Makeup, make sure that you carry your own Mascara. Because the chances for eye infections are very high from Mascaras as there will be Bacteria on the lashes.

Fifth myth is about Mascara itself.

For getting the product, everyone will pump the wand for getting more Mascara. Don't do that as its wrong. The reason is that when we pump it, air is entering and the product will dry up. It won't last. For getting the product, twist the wand. That is how to take the product. Don't pump the product. If you pump, your product is going to dry up quicker than you can expect.

So, through this blog we have busted 5 myths about makeup. We hope that we have clarified lot of your doubts. If you have any questions, definitely write to us or attend our classes to know about about makeup and skin.

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