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How to get a Monochromatic look.

In this blog, we are going to teach you a simple makeup look. This makeup look can be done by anyone and at the same time it is also trendy. The name of this look is called Monochromatic look. Mono means simple, chrom means colour, so it means using a single colour.

In our face, we use colour element in 3 places. They are our eyes, our cheek and our lips. When we give same colour tone to these 3 places, we call it as Monochromatic look.

In blog, we will teach you to get a Monochromatic look with a plum colour. It's not a deep plum, it's a pinky plum or burgundy plum. A plum colour with pink element. Here, eyes,cheeks and lips will be in same tone.

If you can understand Malayalam, you can also watch the video tutorial here

Initially, we need to prep the skin. As always before starting makeup routine, first cleanse your face, then tone and as always moisturize your face. Next, do the base makeup that is foundation, concealer and powder. So quickly apply foundation, concealer and powder. Nothing else. Use foundation that suits your skin tone, put concealer and powder.

After applying the 3 elements - foundation, concealer and powder - our face has become a blank canvas and ready for next steps. Now we can move on to Monochromatic look. As said, for Monochromatic makeup we are bringing in plum element. For eye shadow, as always we will use only one colour, Mono- single colour will be incorporate. If you observe a palette, eye shadows like burgundy, little bit of plum are available. We are going to learn to use these colour for Monochromatic makeup. But you don't have to use these colours, you can have Monochromatic look on light pink, peaches, nudes, cream colours, flesh tones, purples, whichever colour you like, you can use them.

Apply eye shadow with eye shadow brush. Using of fluffy brush gives a wash of colour. Take a little, don't take too much of eye shadow because pigmentation is high in Palettes. So take a little, tap off the excess as always and then apply it.

Next we have to do eyebrows filling. We are going to fill eyebrows naturally and is also going to draw eyeliner too. You can draw your eyeliner at your convenient way. Next we are going to apply blush with similar tone. Similar tone must be used.

The second element in Monochromatic look is Blush. Blush is available in shimmer also but we recommend working with matt products. Take a little blush and apply it. Apply highlighter lightly.

Now lets focus on lips. For lips, use a plum, beetroot colour. Its not deep purple but it's also light. Use neither dark nor light colour. First as always mute the lips with foundation. Now fill the lips with a lip liner. Use a beetroot colour and fill it up fully. Lips become brighter with the use of lip liner. Everything on the face has now become uniform and harmonious tone. This harmony is called Monochromatic makeup.

For the final touch, set makeup with setting spray. Just spray it with your eyes closed and allow 5 minutes to set. After that you can apply Mascara. You can apply it in the upper lashes and lower lashes in a curl form. You don't have to apply the same tone, you can use peaches, you can use light colours but everything should be unified and harmonious. This makeup is very pretty on eyes. Everyone will love it. Definitely, try it out. Not just with this plum colour, you can use colour of your choice.

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