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Cannes fashion, hair and makeup reviews

Hello Angels,

Welcome to my Cannes Review Section where I take you through detailed Reviews of Bollywood Celebrities and few of their Red Carpet Appearances at the Prestigious Cannes Film Festival each year. I do not claim to be a Fashionista, however, being a Beauty influencer, I will be critiquing your favourite celebrity's choice of outfit along with the makeup and hairstyle they pair it with. Remember, each review here is done without any bias and it will purely be my sole opinion. I believe in writing both positives and negatives of each look and I try to recommend certain products similar to what your favourite celebrity may have used, in case you wish to get a similar product from the market. Choices, Opinions and Critics can vary between writer to writer. If you do not wish to read about your favourite celebrity, I would request you to please not continue. Nevertheless, you will always be loved by me so here is a GIGANTIC Hug to you!

Xoxoxo Lekshmi 

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