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Give a Makeover To Your Career With Us

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Face Palette, a Government of India Certified Startup and an internationally accredited and certified organisation, offers courses that cater to a range of prospective students, from a woman who is enthusiastic and wish to learn to do their own makeup to girls who are inspired by YouTube and Instagram makeup tutorials to women and men who intend to pursue makeup artistry as their profession.

We offer a number of international certification courses, certified by a London based body, covering areas such as self makeup, bridal makeup, party makeup, natural luminescent makeup all using HD methodology. Our courses provide all those skills and experience that are needed to succeed in this competitive industry.

Explore Our Makeup Courses

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Online Recorded Courses

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Offline Courses - Kochi/ Live Online

Book Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists In Kerala

Face Palette, a Govt of India certified startup and an internationally accredited and certified organisation for the delivery of quality makeup service, has 100+ Internationally Certified Makeup artists all across Kerala who are highly professional and trained personally by Makeup Guru Lekshmi Menon FRSA. We have different packages based on your budget and experience of our assistant, junior, senior and expert artists. 


  • HD makeup service all over Kerala

  • Makeup services at your location

  • No additional travel charges

  • Follows MUA hygiene as per global standard protocols

  • Artist use only Hygienic and sanitized makeup kit

  • Disposables and only deep cleaned makeup brushes used

  • Various makeup packages available according to your budget

  • All makeup artists are internationally certified

  • Free postponement available

Explore  Your Desired Makeup Look

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Wedding Makeup Look

Face Palette party makeup artist

Party Makeup Look

Face Palette wedding hair styling Kochi Kerala

Hair Styling 

Face Palette Makeup Studios

Face Palette collaborates with students who studied Makeup Artistry at Face Palette International Makeup Academy to bring the Face Palette Makeup studio and Lekshmi Menon Style of Makeup closer to our guests in Kerala. So, if you are looking for a SKILLED MAKEUP ARTIST who does great makeup under sanitised conditions at an AFFORDABLE fee rather than a makeup studio with posh interiors, then head to Face Palette Makeup studio closer to you.

Engandiyoor Face Palette Makeup Studio


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The Woman Impact Report 

While the COVID-19 pandemic triggered one of the worst jobs crises since the Great Depression, Face Palette was able to offer 317 MAKEUP WORK worth more than Rs 24,23,150 to Women Makeup angels from Face Palette Makeup academy during the financial year 2021 - 22. The revenue generated on the backdrop of Covid related challenges helped support a number of Kerala based women beauty entrepreneurs, who are alumni of Face Palette Makeup academy,

കോവിഡ്-19 പാൻഡെമിക് ഏറ്റവും മോശം പ്രതിസന്ധി സൃഷ്ടിച്ചത് തൊഴിൽ മേഖലയിൽ ആണ്, എന്നാൽ 2021-2022 കാലയിളവിൽ ഫേസ് പാലറ്റിൽ നിന്നുള്ള വിമൻ മേക്കപ്പ് ഏഞ്ചൽസിന് Rs.24,23,150 രൂപയിലധികം വിലമതിക്കുന്ന 317 മേക്കപ്പ് വർക്കുകൾ നൽകാൻ ഫെയ്‌സ് പാലറ്റിന് കഴിഞ്ഞു!

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