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Face Palette Makeup Studios

Not only do we provide comprehensive makeup artistry training and real-life opportunities, but we also take it a step further by collaborating with our talented artists' to set up Face Palette Makeup Studio at various locations in Kerala. This collaboration empowers our women entrepreneurs to establish their own successful beauty businesses, backed by the expertise and recognition of Face Palette, which is a renowned name in the industry. Together, we are redefining the standards of beauty and entrepreneurship.


This initiative helps us to bring Lakshmi Menon Style of Makeup closer to our guests in Kerala. So, if you are looking for a SKILLED MAKEUP ARTIST who does great makeup under sanitised conditions at an AFFORDABLE fee rather than a makeup studio with posh interiors, then head to Face Palette Makeup studio closer to you.

Here are a few snapshots of British MP Lord Waverley handing over a "Certificate of Authorisation" to the Face Palette Makeup Studio franchise owners.

We are currently available in the following location


Engandiyoor Face Palette Makeup Studio


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