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Getting ready for a party ? Avoid these four mistakes.

From our interactions with number of women right from professionals to ordinary women, even people used to makeup, we could figure out the most commonly made 4 mistakes that people can avoid while getting ready for a party.

First Mistake - Foundation colour

Many people thinks that Makeup or Foundation is to become fairer or to whiten the skin. Everyone uses Foundation to make themselves fairer. But Foundation should be our exact colour. It should be the colour of our face. This mistake we could avoid. If our Foundation colour is not correct, it will become ashy and it's not a pretty and appealing look. That is wrong colour completely. Right colour will dissolve on our face and that is the colour we say exact colour of face and foundation. That is your right colour. This is something you have to be careful because when we apply Foundation, it should bring brightness and evenness. It should not look ashy. You should be careful about this and can be avoided. So from now onwards when you buy Foundation, you should apply and see whether the colour is apt for you, then only you pay for the bottle.

Second mistake - Overdoing Eyebrows

Many here are used to threading their eyebrows. So everyone needs neat, trimmed, cleaned and groomed eyebrows. Even if they didn't makeup, they thread their eyebrows. But people who draw their Eyebrow will overdo their Eyebrows. Many use black colour and they start their Eyebrows from the very start. Right from the Eyebrows start making it darker and stops at the other end. This is how they do the Eyebrows. This is not the way to draw Eyebrows. Eyebrows should be filled where there is no hairs and spars areas. It should be made neat and precision without making it overly . It should look natural and merge with our face and hair colour. You should be careful that you use only dark brown and dark grey colours. If you notice your eyebrows, it won't be dark from the start. It begins dark after 3 to 4 hairs. If we make it dark from the start, it give a heavy, dark and stark look. It won't be an appealing look. If you are doing a dramatic look, it would be appealing. For example, if you are doing Arabic eye, yes, you can put dark eyebrows. Likewise, if you are doing khaleeji look you can do that. But if you are doing a natural daily wear or for a reception or going for a party or even if you are going to your office,it will be a heavy routine. So go for dark brown or dark grey colour. The easiest way is that powders which are available to buy. Just fill it naturally and sharply. Don't make it heavy and overdo it. It should look natural and radiant. So that is another mistake that you can very well avoid.

Third mistake - Drawing Eyeliner

When people go out in a hurry burry, they just draw the bottom of their eyes with a Kajal pencil. This mistake is done by lot of people. Lots of my students do this mistake. We should not draw the bottom of the eye with kajal pencil alone. The reason is that the eye will look smaller. If you don't want your eyes to look smaller, avoid drawing bottom of your eyes alone. Either draw the top of your eyes or do both top and bottom together. Even if you don't do top and bottom, just put mascara. But if you simply draw bottom of your eyes, it won't be an appealing look. Because, when we draw a black line, we create a border. So there will be no transition and no radiance. That creates lack of dimension to the eyes. Moreover, eyes look small because of the border. Unless and until you do something like a, there is a routine called reverse smokey eye. When you do eye makeup like Reverse Smokey eye we can draw the bottom of our eyes otherwise avoid doing it. Either give a thin line on the upper eye or draw on both upper and bottom or just curl both by putting Mascara. That’s enough.

Fourth Mistake - Contouring

On a daily basis we keep getting the message on this topic, Contouring. 'What is contouring?' 'I want to study contouring, mam.' 'I want my contouring dark.' 'I want to make my nose smaller with contouring.' When we go for shooting, they ask for extreme contour. Contouring is a tricky term. A simple definition for Contouring is, it is to create dimension on your face using shadows. It is creating the dimension of the face, bone structure by placing shadows to make it 3 dimensional. When you hear this, it seems like a rocket science. But it is not. this is an important topic in Makeup Artistry. After the growth of social media, lot of people,students, college going students watch a lot of videos in youtube and instagram. They come across Contouring often. Many professionals used to say Cut in simple terms, especially here in Kerala. When you do contouring in real life, we have to be careful that it should not be darker than 2 tones of our skin tone. This is very very important. Another thing is if you are going to do contouring, learn first and then do it. If you do it without knowing, it is adventurous. Because it will look like you have applied mud on your face. During our sessions, we have noticed many doing contouring, after watching videos in instagram and youtube and they will be have dark patches or lines as it was not blend properly. Please avoid it because it should merge with your complexion colour. Blending is very important in contouring. If the lines are starking, it is not a pretty look. Unless and until we will do that much contouring for editorial makeup. Extreme contouring should be avoided and if you can't do contouring, avoid it. Just apply some blush or highlighter. To do contouring, you need very good blending skill, colour tones should be correct otherwise it will surely look like you have applied mud on the face. So it will look very muddy, preferably avoid it or if you know to do it, ensure it is not too dark on your face. Remember that, it should only be 2 tones dark from your complexion tone.

We hope that you can avoid these mistakes when you get ready to go to your next party.

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