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International Diploma in Makeup Artistry and Hair styling

(Limited students per batch )​

International Diploma in Makeup and Hair styling course provides hands-on training course with individual makeup stations and Mannequin which has 100% real human hair, whereby limited number of students are trained in various aspects of makeup, hair and saree draping. After the course, we will help you create a Portfolio of your makeup looks.


The duration of the course is for 3 months which includes a minimum of 40 days of classroom teaching. The other parts of the course include homework and assignments which you can do from the comfort of your home. The Makeup Course has been exclusively structured by Makeup expert Lekshmi Menon by curating different standardized methods, formulations and textures which is accepted in the Global World of Makeup Artistry. The course has both Theory and Practical whereby students are given hands-on training and taught through makeup and hair styling process in detail. The course is designed to train Beginners from scratch. We have students of all levels - from people who are new to the people who have been in the industry for 30 - 40 years attending the course.


Say bye bye to heavy camouflaged makeup and welcome HD makeup at its best where you learn to achieve different finishes based on your client's skin.


This course has 12 sessions over the course of 3 months. The course would cover topics for Makeup, Hair and saree draping :


1. Skin and Textures
2. Face Shapes and Techniques
3. Eye Shapes and Techniques
4. Face Morphology and Canvas
5. Prepping skin and different Formulations
6. Removing Makeup right
7. Makeup Brushes and their uses

8. Makeup Artist Kit

9. Creating Perfect Canvas - Foundation, Concealer, Powder
10. Colour Correction Theory 

11. Eye Morphology

12. Eye shadow Blending Techniques and Tools

13. Learn to perfect Monotone / Duo-Tone, Trio Tone and Tetra tone eyes

14. Learn Classic Smokey eye and Soft Smokey eyes

15. Half cut crease

16. Face charts
17. Marketing to promote makeup artistry
18. Contouring and Highlighting using Cream and Powders
19. Filling Eyebrows perfectly

20. Application of Eyeliner

21. False Eyelash Application  - Strip lashes

22. Lipstick Formulation and Application techniques

23. Professional Conduct and Etiquette of Makeup Artistry


The hairstyling part of the diploma course is explicitly structured to train beginners from scratch. The course focuses on Hindu bridal hairstyles, Muslim bridal hairstyles, Christian bridal hairstyles and Party look hairstyles. The course has both theory and practice where students are given hands-on training and taught through every hair styling process in detail. ​The hairstyling course would cover topics such as:


1. Basics
Hair Comb, Back Combing, Sectioning, Styling Product, Accessories, etc

2. How to use Hot Tools?
Curling tongs, Crimping, Blowdry, Straighter.


3. Types of Hair Sprays.
Shining Spray, Holding Spray, Volume Powder.


4. Front Framing techniques 
Braid, Twist, Puff Creating with Stuffing and Bumpit.


5. How to fix hair extensions.

6. Hairstyles 
Chignon Bun, Common Updos with Donut, Reception Hairdo 

Saree draping

  • Kerala style saree draping 

  • Set mundu draping

  • North India style saree draping

​​The sessions of the course are as follows


  • Session 1 

    • Location – Face Palette Academy in Kochi

    • Details - Total of 4 Weeks of training. After this session, students will be given ASSIGNMENT 1 to work on from their homes.


  • Session 2

    • Details –Working on assignment one and submission

    • Duration - 6 days.


  • Session 3

    • Location - Face Palette Academy in Kochi

    • Duration - 5 days.

    • Details – Practice training at the academy.


  • Session 4 

    • Details – Working on assignment two and submission ​

    • Duration - 6 days


  • Session 5

    • Location - Face Palette Academy in Kochi

    • Duration - 2 days.

    • Details – Students will be taught an advanced eye makeup class – TETRA TONE – at the academy.


  • Session 6

    • Details – Working on assignment three and submission.

    •  Duration - 6 days.


  • ​ Session 7

    • Location - Face Palette Academy in Kochi

    • Duration - 2 days.

    • Details – Students will be taught an advanced makeup routine class – HALF CUT CREASE – at the academy.


  • ​ Session 8

    • Details – Working on assignment four and submission.

    • Duration - 6 days.


  • ​ Session 9

    • Location - Face Palette Academy in Kochi

    • Duration - 2 days.

    • Details – Students will be taught – HAIR STYLING TRAINING – at the academy.


  • ​ Session 10

    • Details – Working on assignment five and submission.

    • Duration - 6 days.


  •  Session 11

    • Location - Face Palette Academy in Kochi

    • Duration - 3 days.

    • Details – At the academy, students will be taught – FACE CHART AND MARKETING CLASS TO PROMOTE MAKEUP ARTISTRY.

  • Examination

    • When - 2 weeks after the 11th session. 

    • Location - Face Palette Academy in Kochi. At the specific request of our international students, this can be conducted online.

    • Details - Students will be given Theoretical and Practical Examination

Our International Diplomas is recognised by London based Industry think tank, Europe India Centre for Business and Industry and following the completion of the course, the certificate will be offered by Europe India Centre for Business and Industry


From our experience, we have found that constant engagement and mentoring of students during our multiple sessions help students to develop their makeup and hairstyling skills better.




Students need to get ONE essential portfolio done as part of their course.  The makeup artist portfolio is a collection of photographs that display a makeup artist's best work. The artist then uses those photographs for marketing themselves to others, attracting new clients, and get more jobs. As part of the portfolio shoot, Face Palette will arrange the following

  • Professional photographer to shoot the pictures

  • Advise you on the best look for your models

  • Share the photos with you via email, social media or Whatsapp so that you can forward them to your clients.


Students need to arrange the following 

  • Model for the photoshoot

  • Bring their Professional Makeup Kit 

  • Bring Hair Styling Products and Tools

  • Costumes and accessories



The lead faculty conducting the makeup course will be one of the most innovative makeup expert and beauty influencers, Lekshmi Menon. Lekshmi Menon also does various makeup shows on TV and is regularly approached by multiple companies to collaborate for their beauty-related activities. She has developed this unique course to benefit tomorrow's makeup professionals and refine the makeup culture in India. Lekshmi takes her class in person, whereby she will share her widely extensive knowledge, different methods and artistic inspiration with her students.

The lead faculty conducting the hairstyling course will be Ms Rajini Sreekumar.  In addition to assisting Lekshmi Menon FRSA with various hair styling activities, Rajini is a well-known hairstylist.



"International Diploma in Makeup and Hair" Certification upon completion from the London based multilateral body, Europe India Centre for Business and Industry.



Students with no previous experience of makeup and hair can attend the course.



This course has 12 sessions over the course of three months. 



We provide almost 40+ products from the academy.

To maintain hygienic conditions and prevent this spread of the coronavirus, you only need to bring a few products.


For the latest fees, please call the academy at +91 9847074073. 

Instalment (EMI) Options are available on credit cards of about 15 different banks. Please call us for more details 9847074073


Face Palette International Makeup Academy, Kadavantra, Kochi, Kerala, India. Check out the makeup classes in progress here



We have several accommodation options available for our students who come to study makeup at our studio in Kochi. Accommodations are available at Paying guest houses and at hotels.



Cancellations are not permitted. Depending on availability, it can be Re-Scheduled to another date only ONCE provided you give us at least one week's notice. If you will reschedule the 2nd time, advance money will not be refunded. Availability getting notes  guaranteed and is solely dependent on the discretion of the Face Palette