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Internationally Certified Mature women makeup class

( Maximum of six women )​

As we age, we go through various changes in our body. As the skin becomes drier and thinners, the face changes and skin loses its elasticity, firmness and radiance. There will be appearance of wrinkles and ages spots. Therefore, it is important to have special needs for mature skin and this is reflected in the make up also. Here is a recent TV feature about our makeup classes by Leading Malayalam TV Channel, Asianet -

This course is one-of-a-kind in Kerala whereby it is a hands-on training with individual makeup stations, whereby we will be giving you training with a very small limited group of people, not more than 6. The routine is prescribed based on your skin type, skin tone and skin concern and products will be provided to you. Through this course, mature women get to learn make up so as to look the best of themselves, acquire right gestures and get to know of tips and tricks from our experts.


This course has 3 sessions over the course of a month.  The 1st session will be full day session at the Face Palette studio. During the 1st session,  the course would cover topics such as:

  • Basic theory on skin care

  • Basic theory on choosing the right Foundation 

  • Mac foundation shade consultation 

  • Personalized makeup routine according to your skin type 

  • Mono-tone and duo-tone eye makeup lipsticks and its different formulas 

  • Lipstick Shades that look perfect on your skin tone 

  • Set your makeup right 

After ONE day of the 1st session at the studio, the next 2 sessions will be through distance learning and online classes. The other 2 sessions of the course will continue as follows

  • Session 2

    • When - Two weeks after the 1st session.

    • Duration - One hour

    • Location - Face Palette studio or online classes

  • Session 3

    • When - 2 weeks after 2nd session

    • DurationOne hour

    • Location - Face Palette studio or through online classes

Our makeup classes are recognised by London based Industry think tank, Europe India Centre for Business and Industry and following the completion of the 3rd session, certificate will be given from Europe India Centre for Business and Industry.

From our experience, we have found that constant engagement and mentoring of students during our multiple sessions helps students to better develop their makeup skills.


The lead faculty who will be conducing the course will be one of most innovative makeup expert and beauty influencer, Lekshmi MenonLekshmi Menon, who also does various makeup shows in TV and is regular approached by various companies to collaborate for their beauty related activities. She has  developed this unique course for the benefit of tomorrow's makeup professionals and to refine the makeup culture in India. Lekshmi takes her class in person whereby she will share her widely extensive knowledge, different methods and artistic inspiration with her students. Often invited to work with celebrities and top models for major campaigns, Lekshmi brings the very latest trends with her into the classroom. 


Certification upon completion from London based multilateral body, Europe India Centre for Business and Industry.


Students with no previous experience of makeup can attend the course.


This course has 3 sessions over the course of a month.  The 1st session will be full day session at the Face Palette studio. This will be followed by distance learning and 2 more sessions of one hour duration over the next 3 weeks. The last 2 session can be carried out either at The Face Palette studio or through telephone or online classes.


You only need to bring your towel and any of products which you are using so that we can check whether it suits your skin type. 


Tools, disposables and products are provided to you for practice​ during the course


Check out testimonials from our previous students and what they think about our classes HERE


Rs 4000


The Face Palette Studio, Kadavantra, Kochi, Kerala, India. Check out the makeup classes in progress here


We have number of accommodation options available for our students who come to study makeup at our studio in Kochi. Accommodations are available at Paying guest houses and  at hotels. The cost of accommodation varies from Rs 200 per day ( including food ) at paying guest houses to Rs 1200 ( approximate) per day at hotel, right opposite to our studio. In case you are looking for accommodation while you are coming to study makeup at our studio, please do get in touch with us.


Cancellations not permitted. Can be Re-Scheduled for FREE . Availability not guaranteed and is solely depend on the discretion of the Face Palette

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In case of queries, contact us NOW at 984 707 4073 or email us at or submit your request below

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