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Lekshmi Menon Makeup Show

Face Palette began its journey few years ago when Lekshmi Menon started a facebook page called "The Face Palette by Lekshmi Menon'. Through this page, she used to share makeup tips and tricks and address queries from large number of her followers. She used to personally respond to these queries. Over the period of time, she started receiving a large number of queries and it became humanly impossible to respond to all the queries. Therefore, we started holding a "Makeup Show" on a regular basis in our Facebook page so that she can not only respond to all the queries but people can also watch, listen, and ask her questions from the comfort of their home or office. Depending on Lekshmi's schedule, the Makeup Show are organised on a regular basis and the same is announced in our facebook page. To join the next Lekshmi Menon Makeup Show, do like and follow our facebook page -