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#NewYearNewYou Campaign

NewYearNewYou Campaign of Makeover Changes life

The way you start the New Year will dramatically set up the way the rest of it unfolds. At Face Palette, we have been running an annual campaign called #NewYearNewYou for the past few years as part of our #MakeOverChangesLife movement. This campaign is structured to boost the confidence of our participants by giving them free makeovers and thereby, enabling them to see a side of themselves which they have not seen before.

We believe that this will help to boost the self-image of a person and as we can see during the makeovers, it has the possibility to become a turning point in a person’s life. As part of this campaign, women above the age of 18 fill a set of questionnaires giving a brief overview of themselves and why they require the makeover. Based on the answers from these applications, we shortlist a limited number of participants who are given a Makeover by Makeup Guru Lekshmi Menon FRSA. These makeovers are  then be featured in our Facebook page through which 'The Face Palette' Facebook Community will vote on the “Before” and “After” picture and the finalist who wins the most number of votes will be chosen as #NewYearNewYou WINNER. The winners gets a free personalised makeup class from Makeup Guru Lekshmi Menon, in addition to makeup goodies.

Lekshmi Menon Makeup Artist Face Palette Royal Society of Arts

Lekshmi Menon FRSA

Lekshmi Menon is the 1st Indian Makeup Artist to be nominated to the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), a 265 years London based society whose Patron is is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Lekshmi joins other leading artists such as James Bond actress Judi Dench FRSA, Musician Alex James FRSA , composer Benson Taylor FRSA amongst others who are fellows of RSA

She is only the 2nd Indian from Beauty Services to speak at the British Parliament in London after Shahnaz Hussain, who achieved that feat few years ago. 


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