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Lekshmi Menon Laughter Challenge

In response to the overwhelming feedback on our social media posts showcasing Lekshmi Menon, where many have noticed people of all ages imitating her unique laughter and teaching style, we decided to spread joy and laughter with the  Lekshmi Menon Laughter Challenge campaign

The Lekshmi Menon Laughter Challenge typically coincides with the build-up to World Laughter Day in May. To join, participants are invited to create an Instagram Reel or TikTok video imitating Lekshmi Menon's dialogue and laughter, using provided sample audio. Once participants share their videos with Face Palette, they're posted on our social media platforms. Winners are selected based on the number of likes received, and they receive exciting prizes. Through the Face Palette Laughter Challenge, our goal is to spread laughter, positivity, and create shared moments of joy.

Winning entries - 2024 Lekshmi Menon Laughter Challenge

Winning entries - 2020 Lekshmi Menon Laughter Challenge

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