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As makeup/ cosmetic industry experts, we have our finger on the pulse of the makeup/ beauty industry and clearly understand those needs and desires of the savvy consumer who shops for makeup/ cosmetic products.

We are of tremendous benefits for those companies looking to move into the makeup/ cosmetic market, or continue to evolve their existing brands successfully as they will find that partnering/collaborating with an expert such as Face Palette will play a key role in improving their messaging and marketing, thereby  making it more effective and generating better sales.

Brand are benefited from the established, trusted voice which we have created as a make up/ beauty expert and therefore can be benefit from the valuable relationships which we have curated across the industry. Engaging with us will help your key staff to focus their energy on their core areas of expertise whereas as strategists, we will work with you to get your brand noticed, engage the customer, reinforce the loyalty towards your brand, thereby ultimately playing a key role to increase your sales.

As part of brand collaboration, we can offer the following services

  1. Assisting you with developing and testing of makeup products

  2. Offering creative services for beauty fest, fashions shows

  3. Staff training to increase makeup artistry skills and thereby helping to increase your sales.

  4. Beauty brand partnerships to launch co branded products in India.


Client profile

The client is one of the largest malls in the India. It has a large number of shops and significant numbers of people visit the mall every day.


Business Need

The client was organising a beauty fest and they needed a creative makeup artist who can not only offer good makeovers to the participants but also engage with the audience as the makeovers were done at the most prominent public space in the mall. Therefore, it was required for the celebrity makeover artist to not only focus on her work amongst the crowd but to also make the girls who were getting makeover comfortable and not get overwhelmed or scared by the crowd


The face palette team led by Lekshmi Menon planned out the activities for the 4 days of the beauty fest . The team worked on the different looks and styling for around 50 girls and professional models during these 4 days and through constant encouragement and warm words, they were able to make the girls comfortable during the makeovers as there was constant distraction from the huge crowd.



The success of the beauty fest can be gauged from the fact that it was extensively covered by the media. The girls waited till late in the evening to get the makeovers as they were blown away  by seeing the makeovers done to other girls and did not want to go home till their makeover was done. The professional models , who must have received number of makeovers from various makeup artists, were thrilled with the makeovers provided by The face palette and publicly conveyed their gratitude through their social media postings.​​


Client profile

The client is a leading provider of beauty services in various parts of the world.

Business Need

The client was launching various products and services in the Kerala market and therefore, wanted to get feedback from us about the feasibility of launching these products in various phases.



With our ground level expertise, knowledge of Indian skin condition and network, we were able to provide them first hand information about the challenges and opportunities that are available for the client to tap into the market.



Based on our work, the client has been able to tweak their products based on the requirements of the kerala market and has been able to rework their service offerings at their beauty centres.

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