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What is HD makeup?

Many have misunderstandings relating to this topic. So, in this blog, we will elaborate on what High Definition Makeup or in short HD Makeup is.

Earlier we had cameras with very low pixel quality. Low pixel quality means it won't show the small aspects of our skin. It was a blur and colours were also not clear. That is the reason the makeup artist applied heavy makeup to project the features of the face and masked out all the imperfections with the pancake. The camera won’t show the heavy makeup of celebrities, actresses and even brides. But it will be heavy and cakey for naked eyes. But today we have HD cameras. Their colours and pixel quality are extraordinary. The ability of today's camera to show each pore to every imperfection in the skin and that includes even the skin's dry patches. So, if you do heavy makeup, it will show. So, High Definition makeup on the skin should look like skin, at the same time should conceal the imperfections but it should not be heavy also. We call this methodology as High Definition.

It is done by layering the skin by makeup little by little. The methodology of layering the skin with makeup after understanding the skin, it is called High Definition Makeup. In High Definition, we don't apply too much. We apply a little layer, then a layer and if needed layer a bit more. We increase the coverage little by little. It should look like a good skin with natural shine and beauty.

HD Labelled Products

Should we use HD labelled products to do the HD makeup? In short, it is not necessary. They are labelled HD products because it has more light-reflective properties. It won't become cakey. It will make the skin look like skin itself. For bouncing the light from the skin, they have included refined powdered Silicon and mixed with the product. So, when we apply it on our skin, it will reflect the light. High Definition makeup should look beautiful to naked eyes as well as on-camera too.

Whether Airbrush Makeup is HD Makeup?

What airbrush does is that it will disperse each pigment molecule, that is, it will convert the product to very tiny molecules and form a light layer or feathery way that will disperse on the skin. Airbrush will layer by layer build-up so that we won't make any mistake. So, it is easy to get HD makeup and its finishing. But the investment is high. It has its liquids and formulas which can be used only through machines. If you use any other products, the machine will clog and the machine will not last long. Another important problem is that airbrush is that it won't suit every weather

You don't need airbrush to do a HD makeup. After understanding the skin, a good talented Makeup Artist can do a HD Makeup by hand.


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