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Cannes 2015 and Bollywood !! - Aishwarya Rai in Sabyasachi Review | The Face Palette Makeup Beauty B

Hello my dearest Honey Bears

I am going to do a couple of articles for you all on what I felt about Bollywood divas at the widely looked out film festival of the year, Cannes 2015. I absolutely had mixed feelings... some divas really, really stood out for me and they knew how to play up their features. However, some of them thoroughly disappointed me. Sigh! Some took it OVERBOARD, where as some kept it simple, elegant and looked rather sophisticated. Let me take you on a breakdown of the different actresses and the looks they wore this year at Cannes and what I felt about their outfit, hair and makeup each time. I have also listed couple of product recommendations with similar shades for you angels.

Aishwarya Rai

Let me start off with the diva herself, Ash. I mean seriously, I should say she NAILED it this year. She knew to play with her features, oomphed up the whole glamour quotient, opted for trendy designers and gave the usual Desi-touch a bit of rest this year. She has been going to the Cannes Film Festival for the past 14 years and she has had hits and misses throughout her journey. Post-pregnancy, she was heavily criticised by the media and the public for putting on weight. Her 'Before/After' pics were circulated in social media... bashed for not 'trying' to lose her pregnancy weight. However, kudos to her... she sealed the whole media's bashing by answering that she is enjoying her motherhood and she is celebrating every moment with her bundle of joy Aaradhya. Ah well.. my respect for her just skyrocketed! Thereafter, she attended Cannes film festival 2012, 2013 and 2014 and looked stunning... but this year Cannes 2015 was HER year! She looked like a total DIVA and represented India so glamorously on the red carpet and her press interviews.

Disclaimer: Remember my lovely readers, I am a blogger and I do critique. I do not mean to hurt anybody or create negative vibes. I love being creative with Fashion and Makeup and as I say, there are no strict rules to it. Follow what your heart says and wear it with confidence. However, through a post as such and being a blogger, I put in constructive criticism about what could have been done better by the celebrities and what really stood out to me. I like to say both positives as well as things that could have improved. So, if this is something that will hurt your feelings reading about your favourite celebrity, please do not continue... but remember, I will continue to love you ok. :) :)

Ash in Sabyasachi Jumpsuit Let me kick start with the first dress and makeup she wore. She wore a Sabyasachi floral jumpsuit.

Source: Internet search engines,copyright with respective owners. Shared only for information

She wore this for the UN Gender Equality seminar. I loved what she wore here. She looks fresh and gorgeous and surprisingly, the floral prints do not overpower at all.

Source: Internet search engines,copyright with respective owners. Shared only for information

As for her hair and makeup, one thing I noticed with most of the looks she wore this year, she has really played up her lips. Her eyes naturally radiate as she has the most gorgeous almond-shaped sea-green eyes EVER. Her features are very prominent so for most of her looks this year, she has really played up her lips with strong, bold colours which makes her look young, pretty and has brought out a level of glamour quotient.


Her eye makeup is kept very, very simple with a bit of neutral shadow and black eyeliner with a very, very tiny wing for a bit more definition. An under eye concealer is used to highlight and brighten that can radiate her natural green eyes. There is a slight bit of highlighter used in the inner corner of her eyes as well. The makeup artist has used a nice natural brown shade on the lower lash line without making it look extra prominent. Neutral eye makeup in general.

Her eyebrows are also filled in beautifully using a warm brown shade and looks very natural and pretty. She has not worn any mascara on her lower lashes, however, she has used mascara on her upper lashes. It also looks as though she is wearing very few individual lashes as well that sticks along with her natural lash length just to give a natural yet fuller effect.


Her foundation is done flawlessly sticking to her natural skin colour without looking cakey at all. Her makeup artist has played with her lips and cheeks to give a nice extra youthful flush of colour. Her cheek colour looks very, very similar to her lips. Bronzer is used very slightly to contour, but is done very light-handedly for this look without making it look harsh and muddy. Her makeup artist has used matte finishes on her generally and the blush is a very pinky-burgundy rose shade.

Similar product recommendation:

MAC Desert rose, Sleek Flushed, NYX Desert Rose.


The stand out element here is her lips. She has really played up her lips this year rocking quite bold red-tone shades with different undertones matching different outfits. In this look, in particular, she has rocked a very pretty burgundy-cranberry shade lipstick. She is rocking a satin finish lipstick here.

This shade of lipstick can look flattering on every skin tone and can really brighten up your face. This will suit Indian skin tone beautifully and every girl needs a shade like this in their makeup kit. The good thing about a lipstick like this is that you can use this both during the day and night.

Similar product recommendation:

Rimmel Kate Moss 107, Maybelline Divine Wine, Barry M 162, MAC Rebel mixed with a bit of MAC Russian Red can give this shade. Single layer of Revlon Black Cherry lipstick when blot using a tissue can replicate similar shade.


She has coloured her hair sultry dark brown this year for the event which brings out her natural skintone beautifully and is radiating. There are very few warm brown highlights going through her hair that is hardly noticeable yet it brings out the whole hair look together. Her hair is beautifully blow dried and has some natural big waves through which you can obtain using thick barrel 1.5 inch hair wands or even using straighteners.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Comments: Overall she looked absolutely stunning! I loved the fact that she decided to wear something floral yet it did look stunning and the fact that she decided to play her lips and keep her eyes look natural. She looked glamorous and very, very pretty! Big thumbs up from me! Yippeee!! :)

Do let me know whether you loved this look on her as well.

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