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Face Palette Makeup Gel

Face Palette Makeup Gel, a "Made in India, Born in Europe" product which was launched at European Parliament in Belgium, is a unique formulation that can be used under makeup to prep skin and also to moisture skin after removing makeup. It is formulated without any fragrance, colourants and essential oils. This unique blend has cold pressed oils and therefore, it will give you the smell of oil which is completely natural as we have not added any additional fragrances as we did not want to reduce the efficiency and potency of the product. Therefore, please use the product within 2 months.


For people with acne prone skin, use this only under makeup. For people with drier skin, apply makeup gel, leave it for 5 mins for full absorption and then follow up with a moisturiser of your choice. For sensitive skin, do a patch test behind your ear or neck before use so that check whether your skin ins not allergic to the product.

The cost of the product is Rs 350. If you can come over to our studio in Kochi, you can buy the product directly from us. Otherwise, with shipping cost, the price of the product is Rs 425.

MRP - Rs 425

Launch of the Makeup Gel at the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium on 25th September, 2018

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