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This year, it marked the debut for Bollywood barbie, Katrina Kaif to walk the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. She debuted the red carpet wearing a Black Oscar De La Renta lace gown. I, personally, like many other Indians, had very high expectations from her considering her taste in makeup and fashion, but however, I should admit, I had mixed feelings about her choices. Let me crack on with my thoughts about her Black Oscar De La Renta gown.

Disclaimer: Remember my lovely readers, I am a blogger and I do critique. I do not mean to hurt anybody or create negative vibes. I love being creative with Fashion and Makeup and as I say, there are no strict rules to it. Follow what your heart says and wear it with confidence. However, through a post as such and being a blogger, I put in constructive criticism about what could have been done better by the celebrities and what really stood out to me. I like to say both positives as well as things that could have improved. So, if this is something that will hurt your feelings reading about your favourite celebrity, please do not continue... but remember, I will continue to love you ok. :) :)

Katrina in Oscar De La Renta

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DRESS: I think Katrina looked absolutely beautiful and stunning wearing the gown. It was elegant and classy going for an Oscar De La Renta and strapless... what better isn't it! I loved the lace detailing on the gown and it looked beautiful on her svelte figure.

Source: Internet search engines,copyright with respective owners. Shared only for information

HAIR: Even though I agree that her outfit choice is lovely, her hair colour did clash with the entire look. The first time we all saw her pic.. i'm sure we all went... WHAAAA!! :D I know, I know.. I did too! :) We all know she had a makeover in general with a bit of tan going... and she decided to go with red tresses for her movie role in the movie Fitoor... but knowing that she was going to make her Cannes debut, I think she could have tied a hair knot to take attention away from the flowing hair.

Source: Internet search engines,copyright with respective owners. Shared only for information

MAKEUP: I loved the makeup she wore here with soft blended smokey eyes and a very nude lipstick. The makeup looks flawless, matches her new slightly tan skin beautifully and as always, her base makeup looks natural and glowing. She has definitely used Bronzer on her face and body for that extra oomph and colour. On her lips, she has used a pretty natural glossy finish. She has definitely used false lashes on her eyes for that extra glamour effect on the red carpet. Her face is contoured and there is a soft highlighter applied right on the apples of her cheeks for that extra shine. Her eyebrows are filled in beautifully as well.

Source: Internet search engines,copyright with respective owners. Shared only for information

Overall Rating: 3/5 Comments: Although I absolutely adored the gown, the detailing and the finish it had, I think the look in general did not come together in one piece. The makeup on her was on point and flawless, but her hair was a total let down. I stand by the red colour (having worn red hair myself for more than 4-5 yrs!) but it kind of clashes with the outfit and the tan and the makeup. I feel she could have taken attention away from her richly coloured hair by tying a knot and played with something else such as accessories to take attention away. What about you? Did you like this look on Katrina and what do you think about her Cannes 2015 debut?

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