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I am offering one to one makeup classes online for anyone across the world, from beginners to makeup artists, who are not able to travel to my workshops but are interested to learn from me.  Classes can be conducted in both English and Malayalam. In case of any disrupt connection, we will book you an alternate date and time. Do keep in mind that the hours given for each class mentioned is just an approximate. It may be subject to change depending on the connection, class finishing and grasping time etc. 

To book an online class, choose the one which matches your requirements below. Once you submit your request, you will receive an email, which provides further details on the payment process. Following the payment, you will receive a confirmation email from our end. Further details including  the link for you to watch your classes LIVE and have an interactive session will be shared in due course after the confirmation of your booking. For online classes, you will need to bring in a list of makeup products to train you to do your makeup. The list will be sent to you upon registration. Once a booking is confirmed and payment is made, it is non-refundable. Dates can be changed up to 48 hours in prior through an email.

Look forward to teaching, interaction and meeting all you wonderful friends.. 

Stay pretty and keep smiling!

Course - Base Makeup

Duration - 2 hours

Fees - Rs 4000

When it comes to makeup, one of the basic step is to determine one's base tone. To identify that, it is important to understand undertones, formula and finish. This one-to-one online makeup session will focus only on selection of the right Foundation, Concealer and Powder for the client. Through this session we will help women understand how to select the right product based on their skin tone and skin type within their budget.

Now, never worry on what foundation to wear, why your foundation looks grey on you, what formula to choose, how to apply powder, where to apply concealer, foundation for Flash Photography etc. Now you do not have to rely on a makeup expert to go for an event or party or wedding.. You can choose what is best for you!

Course - Smokey Eye Workshop

Duration - 2 hours

Fees - Rs 3000

Smokey Eye is sultry and beautiful and yes, it is indeed one of the most in-demand eye look to create and learn. The key to a perfect Smokey eye is Blending it right to get a proper transitional effect. Through this workshop, you will get to learn how to create a nice black-brown smokey eye look paired with a neutral lip. I will be showing you to apply your foundation, concealer and set your base makeup. However, this tutorial will not include instructions on how to select the right foundation, concealer etc.

The best thing about learning to create a smokey eye is you can mix and match to your preferences, and you can easily make it soft for a day time easy look or sultry with an edge for a night time look or perk it up a bit and also use other colours. 

Course - Neutral Day Time Makeup

Duration - 2 hours

Fees - Rs 3000

This 2 Hour makeup session will involve tips on doing a nice and simple Neutral Day Makeup. This look will focus on a very natural and simple approach to makeup by getting a fresh and simple base, simple wash of neutral tone colours and a neutral lipstick, paired with a simple blush, basic contouring/highlighting and eye.

Through this session I would look into your skintone and will recommend lipstick shades that will personally suit your skintone and how to pair it with your makeup. This session is particularly effective for Working women, College Girls and Women who do not get much time to spend hours for makeup. Once you master it, you will be able to do your face in hardly 15 mins which is pretty amazing!!

Course - Day and Night Eye Makeup

Duration - 3 hours

Fees - Rs 5000

This one-to-one online makeup session will focus only on step by step process to create Day and Night Eye makeup techniques. This session would involve firstly a basic lesson on how to do a Day time Neutral Look and how to change it into a sultry smokey eye night look. The Night Time look will include a Smokey eye makeup.


The Night time look will show the option of how you can incorporate glitter to your eyes, false lashes as well. This look will show a more intense approach on Contouring and Highlighting. You will also be shown how to use a Neutral lip, Red lip and a Dark lip. Once you learn a look like this, you can get ready alone, for the rest of your life, without depending on anybody else.