How I got into Cooking

Welcome to my Indian Recipe Collection my darling friends. I do not want this to be just another section of recipes for you to try at home. I want you all to join in my journey. Growing up I was brought up in a typical Malayali household where amma made the most wonderful Sambar, Avial, Fish curry and incredible spicy Chicken dishes. I was brought up in a household where I hardly even made tea, to be very honest with you all. I was lazy and rubbish to the core and honestly, I am not proud of that. I was in a boarding school since age 10 and returned back home at the age of 15 after completing my 10th grade. I hardly managed to enter the kitchen after that, other than to sneak food and snacks. Being brought up in a household which was significantly high class with few servants and drivers, I never realised entering the kitchen was important. However, my mother ensured she cooked delicious mouth-watering food EVERY SINGLE TIME. My dad being a chronic smoker, always wants things extra spicy and extra sour, which made my mother's cooking recipes take a wee bit more time since my father did not like powdered spices. He preferred the masala to be roasted, ground and pasted then and there. However, whenever Amma made her Sambar I could sense it from across the road because it smelt like PERFECTION. 

Growing up, I always enjoyed one thing relating to food (other than eating of course!) and that is watch cooking videos. I always watched a lot of cooking videos even though I never cooked anything at home. One day my amma came to me while I was watching this cookery show on NDTV Good Times and asked me why I watch all these and do not cook anything at all. I confidently replied back to her saying, "Amma, even though I do not cook at home does not mean I do not know cooking. I know to cook a lot of dishes." She was totally stunned and gave me the 'Yeah Right' look. LOLZ !

After few days she came again while I was watching TV, another cookery show on another channel, and said "I just want to make the most perfect Gobi Manchurian.. How do I do it.. " and casually sat on the couch opposite me. I said, "I'll do it. Just get me the ingredients I want and I can make it for you." My mother's eyes just popped out. (Like that lady from Ripley's Believe it or Not show.. It seriously gave me the creeps!) She said, "Oh Definitely, I will get the ingredients you want. Are you sure about this Lechu?"... Hahaha... I said very confidently, "Yes Amma.. Just leave it to me." Next thing I know, she got me all the ingredients on my list and she stood beside me as I cooked my FIRST EVER Gobi Manchurian without even having a recipe in my hand. She tasted it and she loved it. It was beyond belief for me. She proudly kept it for dinner with the Chappathi she made for my father and said, "Your daughter made the Gobi Manchurian today".. My Father had the shock of his life and tasted it and said, "Yumm Lechu.. this is delicious." 

That is how I got into cooking. Ever since, I have always experimented with dishes. I try a lot of Fusion cooking and loves to learn new ingredients, new flavour combinations, new dishes. I believe in the fact that every single person who has food from my hand, needs to feel satisfied from their heart. I still watch a lot of cookery shows and there are quite a lot of people I have taken tips from. I love watching Ina Garten, Marcela Valladolid, Gordon Ramsey, Heston Blumenthal, Michel Roux Jr. and not to forget mentioning how much I used to binge watch Cookery shows on Food Network and Good Food Channel. While I was living in the UK for few days, it was easier for me then to grab the ingredients I want to experiment with dishes and to fuse different flavours.


Here I will be sharing few of my recipes for you all. Hope you will enjoy recreating them at your kitchen. If so, please do not forget to share your pictures with me and I will post it on my blog for you. If you wish to share some of your recipes, please do write to me here and I will create a separate section and will post all your recipes as well. 

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

Happy Cooking and Sharing!

Xoxoxo Lekshmi