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How to be a Guest Blogger

  • Are you passionate and enthusiastic about Skincare, Beauty, Makeup, Haircare or anything else relating to Beauty?

  • Do you love writing and reading blogs?

  • Are you working full-time or a full-time mummy and have no time to create your own blog??

  • Would you like to contribute your articles or insights, some tips of your own into our website as a Guest Blogger

Be guest blogger for The Face Palette


Submit the form below and let me know. We would be happy to hear from you.


  • You can write anything you prefer to write about Beauty. Be it Reviews, Skincare, Tips, Makeup, Skincare, Haircare, Lifestyle, Fashion, Organic Remedies, Nails, Newly Launched Brands, Recent Purchase Reviews, Women's Health etc. However, you need to send it to us for proof reading and if it has to be changed, we will intimate you and if it is ready to be published, you will get to know it as well. 

  • After approval of your article, we will publish it within a week's time. 

  • A photo of yours, your name and link to your blog (if any) will be published along with your article. Your profile will also appear on 'Our Guest Blogger' page with your brief bio and your social media links, if you have any that you would like to share .

  • Guest Bloggers can be ANYONE from ANYWHERE. No age, gender, nationality, profession restriction is applied as long as you LOVE makeup like 'The Face Palette Family'.


  • Remember that this is a content sharing section of the website but we will not be accepting promoting or advertising products/services/brands that you have been paid to do so. 

  • You are not permitted to promote any affiliate links, sponsorship videos in this website.

  • We strictly do not permit plagiarising somebody else's work, photos or any other material. Therefore your content will be checked for plagiarism. If we find your work is taken from somebody else, unfortunately, we will not consider posting your articles in the future and will remove you from the Guest Blogging section of our website as we would like to respect the work of the original writer. If you would like to use another person's work, kindly request them permission from your side and credit the owner in your work.

  • Ensure that you write the content without any spelling/grammatical errors.

  • If you are talking about any products, reviews, hauls or looks, try to send links from where these products can be obtained, preferably from websites that ship globally.

  • When reviewing a product, please write the PROS, CONS and RATING

  • If you are using pictures, use your own pictures. We would prefer if it is taken by YOU, as we would like to promote YOUR work. You are expected to mail us your pictures with your article which we will credit with 'The Face Palette' logo and website watermarked. You are not permitted to share the same picture on another website/social media as the picture will remain under the ownership of 'The Face Palette'. Kindly take good quality pictures in good lighting and ensure that the pictures are not blurred or under exposed. Larger size images will be re-sized.

  • If you are borrowing your pictures / information from somewhere, ensure you credit the owner.

  • By being a Guest Blogger with us, you are expected to contribute at least one article with us every 2 months. If you are inactive, we will send you subsequent 3 reminders and further remove you from the Guest Bloggers list.


  • By submitting your articles to us, you agree that your have read through the Guidelines and our Terms and Conditions

  • Articles that you submit to us must not be submitted anywhere else, unless you have taken permission from us.

  • The Face Palette will be editing errors/spellings/grammatical errors and para-phrasing sentences from your content to make it easier and simplified for the readers.

  • The Face Palette may edit your pictures to increase clarity, exposure, saturation to make it more accurate.

Any questions, write to us here.

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